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  1. KD
    KD at |

    This is awesome and so heartfelt! What many fail to realize is that friendships are a true blessing for God. Friends know things about us that family sometimes may not know. Which is why I value every person I call a friend today, and have fought to make sure certain people remain in my life..

    I truly appreciate this article around being open, because I will admit I have often times been very guarded on who I allow in my circle, while at times this may be needed, but there are other times that I could have been blocking God’s blessings for me (in which that was the case).

    Thank you again and I am a witness that every word your have written is true and sincere. ; )

    God bless.

    1. Shala
      Shala at |

      Totally agree with you. Friendships are definitely a blessing. Thanks for adding the piece on being guarded, I think many of us have been there at times, for various reasons. Isn’t it good to know we have the power to change that about ourselves and open up to others? It’s a beautiful thang!


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