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  1. KaTesha
    KaTesha at |

    I’m upset that you didn’t mention the best hugger there is Mr. Tabb and then close on his heels Jaylen and Mason LOL. I come from a family of huggers. When my husband first started coming around my family he tild his friend that my family will hug you to death lol. i don’t know if I get 8 hugs in on a regular day with out being around family and friends. I get at least 4 or 5 for sure, so I have a little work to do.

  2. Meredith Sanders
    Meredith Sanders at |

    I Love, love, love a great hug! It really makes me feel better. I’m always wrapping my arms around my girl cause I love it. I will admit though that I am guilty of the awkward hug, not on purpose but because the hug was already awkward so I was trying to make less weird and made it worse. But anywhoo, I’m always down for a good squeeze.


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